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Barbie delivering the opening Keynote for the North American Executive Summit 2019


"Our Board of Directors recently held our annual retreat. In light of changes our organization has made as a result of COVID-19 and turnover in leadership, Barbie addressed our group on the importance of change leadership and how it differs from change management.


Barbie delivered an amazing keynote address, focused on the importance of building a balanced team to lead through the change, how to think about it in terms of scalability, and staying true to ourselves and our mission in bringing about change rather than changing for the sake of change.


This had an impact on our board, brought about some great discussions about the direction we are heading and the process we need to go through in growing our organization.


Barbie delivered her content in a way that was approachable and created a lot of energy, no easy feat when sitting on a half day Zoom meeting.


We appreciated Barbie's message and thoughtfulness in how to address not for profit leaders and highly recommend her as a keynote or featured speaker in any forum."