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Music has always been a huge part of my life.  It is truly my first love and a part of me that connects me to emotion and the world in ways I can't even explain.  Music is in my DNA. 


My great-grandfather was the First chair flautist and piccolo player in the Philadelphia Orchestra in its prime and he is featured in Disney's movie, Fantasia.  In the opening scene of the movie you can actually see him entering the stage, it's really so cool for me to watch!  The orchestra recorded the entire soundtrack.  Both of my grandmother's studied classical piano and a great aunt performed at the Metropolitan Opera.  

Nothing has been as much of a constant in my life as music and it connects me to the world, my emotions and my heritage.  I studied voice for over 20 years from about age 11.  My first solo performance was in Kindergarten, it was the end of the year show for all the parents and kids K-5th grade.  I was to perform, Dites-moi, a number from South Pacific as a duet with a little boy (I can't remember his name). He was to sing the French verse and I was to perform the English verse.  Come the day of the performance, he was nowhere to be found, he got stage fright and didn't come to school.  The show director came over and told me they were going to pull the number from the show since he wasn't there.  I looked up at her and said, "You can't, my grandmother is coming to see me...I'll sing both verses". 


And so it began...

I'll Stand by You

I'll Stand by YouBarbie Winterbottom
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Songs from broadway

02 I Dreamed A DreamBarbie Winterbottom
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05 Wishing You Were Somehow Here AgainBarbie Winterbottom
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03 Unexpected SongBarbie Winterbottom
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06 With One LookBarbie Winterbottom
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04 What I Did For LoveBarbie Winterbottom
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01 Don't Cry For Me ArgentinaBarbie Winterbottom
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